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Number 41

The dude is turning 41 on Christmas day. This is the first in a series of several ways we'll celebrate him this year.
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I've had a rich experience reading chapters 2-5 in Mosiah the past several days. Today I ended with chapter 5, and here's what I gleaned:

faith in Christ (4) ➡ change (2) ➡ covenant (5) ➡ become His children (7) ➡ seal you His (15)

What more could I want for myself and for everyone?

How it all comes back to being like a little child...

I really had no idea how impactful it would be to follow Chris's advice on reading these few chapters in Mosiah. It's certainly a favorite part of the Book of Mormon for me, and I've read it many times, but this time it's been much more impactful.

I wrote the other day about what it means to become as a little child. And then as I read beyond Mosiah chapter 3 and into chapter 4, I learned even more about that idea. Several spots in chapter 4 teach us about our utter dependence on God and about His generosity, goodness, His hand in all the tiny details of our lives.

Our dependence on God ---

4:5 our nothingness, our worthless and fallen state4:11 our nothingness, unworthy creatures4:19 we are all beggars, we depend on God for all we have4:20 we beg Him for a remission of our sins4:21 we depend on God for our lives, for all we have and are4:22 all we have and are is not ours but belongs to God, even our lives God's generosity --- 4:5 goodness of God4:6 goodness of God,…

Becoming as a child

Submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit, blameless, cannot sin... Sometimes it is hard to think little children possess these attributes, probably because I'm raising four rascals right now. But they are innocent. That I believe, even when they're being stinkers.

Beyond that, it is interesting to note that the contrast being made in Mosiah 3 is between the natural man and little children. Robert Millet listed traits of the natural man:
The natural man cannot or does not perceive spiritual realities. I have to stop here for a second. To me, this means the natural man can't or won't see God's hand in the details of our lives. When we pray to find our keys for the millionth time, and then we find them, we better believe it was with help from on high. It seems utterly foolish to not acknowledge that our Father helps in every detail if we allow Him to.The natural man allows into his life those things that are harsh, vulgar, and crude.Instead of…

What's the hell!?

In his talk a couple of weeks ago Chris invited the ward to spend some time in Mosiah chapters 2-5. I've spent several days in chapter 2 alone, and finally finished it today, but not before I learned a hell of a lot about hell! The latter part of the chapter mentions several times an "everlasting punishment" or a "never-ending torment." I believe that culturally we've allowed those phrases in the scriptures to make hell seem permanent, or everlasting or never-ending. But what I've learned here, is that it is the punishment that is everlasting, not that the person stays in that state of punishment permanently. 
I had written a quote from President Joseph Fielding Smith in my scriptures, in yellow. Yellow! I could not read it very well, so I googled what I could read and was brought to this lesson. And here's where I found these revelatory quotes. Each of them teaches and is important, but I particularly liked the Talmage one. 
God is not vindictive! …


I have strep throat AGAIN. Look what some unknown angel left for me this morning. I'm happy when gestures like this are left anonymous -- let the glory be to God and let their reward be in heaven -- but I did want to show what a kind, happy thing someone did today. My ❤ is full.

pie for breakfast

I feel like if you're not having pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving then you need to reevaluate your life. Just kidding. But seriously.