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Orange Cream Cake

I was zipping through Lowes the other day, and the latest issue of Southern Living caught my eye. The cover was so beautiful, an issue all about cakes and pies, totally spoke to me. I grabbed it, paid way too much for it, and have loved poring over it ever since. The cover recipe is for a Lemon-Orange Chiffon Cake. The cake is made with orange zest and fresh orange juice. I got that far, made the cake I mean, and then read the frosting part more closely. It wants you to serve this orangey cake with a lemony orange frosting. But I disagreed, I felt like that would've been too much. I felt like the frosting would've stolen from the flavor of the cake. So I whipped up some Fork Cake Frosting and threw it on, and garnished with a little bit of orange zest. I decided it would be called an Orange Cream Cake. And I ate like 3 pieces of it. It was really, really good!
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The dress-ups were starting to become the very worst thing ever. So, <94 cents x 26 little bins + 1 Sharpie, got me organized. Each one has the dress-up and its accessories inside. Top row are the dress-ups that have accessories too big for the bins, so that the too-big accessory can sit on top of its corresponding bin (or lean to the side of it, in the case of Kylo Ren). The kids have started checking them out, like they're library books. One of about a dozen projects I've been working on, done! Sharing because maybe this idea will work, and be a relief, for someone else too.

I love Cat & Jack!

I've told a couple buddies about this in recent days and thought I would post about it too. I love Cat and Jack! And not just because the clothes are suuuuuper cute; more important than that, they're guaranteed for a year! The pants have reinforced knees, and in my experience, the uniform clothes are way sturdier than Gap or Old Navy or French Toast or whatever other brand we've tried. Mostly we didn't need the year guarantee. But, there were a couple of times last school year when a tiny bit of Olive's and Lucy's stitching came out of the pleats in their skirts. And guess what, returning them to Target was totally easy, no big deal at all. So, as another school year approaches, I just thought I'd share this smart brand with any of my pals who aren't already in the know. There are some great deals right now, too!! Happy shopping!!

Penny vs. the dentist

She was like, sooo excited for the dentist. The dental assistant got her a blanket because she thought she was shivering, but really she was trembling with excitement. She even said, "Me so dissited!" Until the dentist came in, then she freaked. Dr. Broadbent said we better do sedation, and walked us over to a neighboring pediatric dentist. That exam was, like, horrifying. That doctor asked me a lot of questions about Penny's delay and sensory issues, and then told me she is grinding her teeth so hard that they are chipping and there are 6 or 7 cavities. They want to put her completely under and take care of all of it. I'm sure he's right and smart and good at his job, but we love Dr. Broadbent and we feel comfortable with him. So, the plan is to consult with him before we move forward. To be continued...

Next Day Brownies

I named these guys Next Day Brownies. Because, sure they're great when you first make them all warm and gooey and maybe with some Blue Bell vanilla involved (if I could ever get my hands on the stuff), but their true glory emerges the day after when they've had a chance to set up and become who they're meant to become. Which, today, is my breakfast.

Fork Cake

B. Hinds affectionately dubs this my "Fork Cake" because why cut slices? Just grab a fork! So, obvs had to make it for his birthday while they were here visiting. It's really about the frosting, and less about the cake. Another pal of ours calls it Flip Flop Frosting; as in, it's so good you could eat it on a flip flop. I wouldn't recommend that, but it is really good frosting.

butter cake, yum

Rose Levy Berenbaum's butter cake. The Cake Bible is really where it's at, for me anyway.