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Conan Class

I hate Jay Leno and his big chin. He's not funny. He doesn't make me laugh. He sucks.

I love Conan O'Brien and his big hair. He's very funny. He makes me laugh heartily. He doesn't suck.

So all this drama with the late night lineup on NBC makes me mad. I think Conan's handling it with grace and professionalism. His statement, for example, oozes class...

I'll follow Conan wherever he goes.


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I Watch Rated R Movies, and I'm a Mormon

I made that my title just to get your attention. Let me now put it into context.

My friend Jenny posted this article on her Facebook page today. I read the article, and am happy that my own sentiments have found a public voice in that of the soothing sounds of Doug Wright in the Morning. Just kidding, I don't know what the name of his show is, I just know his voice is downright smoooooooooooth.

If your standard for movie watching is solely based on an absolute "no rated R movies" because of some elusive commandment handed down generations ago, then you aren't using your God-given ability to think and choose. (By the way, I'm going heavy on the boldness with a little dash of sarcasm just to drive home the point. If the no rated R movies thing is actually written somewhere in the annals of the Church, I'd genuinely like to have it pointed out to me. I haven't ardently searched for it, but I can't readily find it either). I realize this is a really risky…

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This video made me weep.

I love baseball. I grew up going to Wrigley, loving the sound of Harry Carey's slurred commentating from a beer-drenched microphone, and losing a lot. And then I married the biggest sports fan I know, a guy who feels more than just love for the game of baseball, but reverence and romance, a fiercely loyal Yankees fan. If I resisted, there was no way I couldn't become a Yankees fan myself. In the '09 season, our first year of marriage, it was a thrill to watch Chris get so invested in the games - as happy or excited or angry or totally bummed out as if their performance had a direct, specific impact on our family's wellbeing - and to become almost that invested myself. (I say "almost" because you cannot fake that). He is ritualistic and superstitious (if Tex got a base hit when Chris was up getting a drink, well then he had to stand in just the same position for the rest of the game). And then the Yankees won the World Series that year…

new year

For 2013 I resolved to be kinder, and to take better care of my body. Here's how I think I did:

Within the first week of the year, we were at a store buying diapers and wipes. When I arrived at the register I told the girl I was buying the diapers and wipes as part of a promotion. As she chomped her gum (seriously), she said she didn't know what promotion I was talking about. Now, the pre-2013 Brookey would've likely pointed to the poster showing the details of the deal - which was situated right over her head - told her that the details were right there, and told her in no uncertain terms that it was her job to know. That's my natural inclination, not because I enjoy being unkind, but because I genuinely become baffled by incompetence and then my subsequent delivery shows my agitation. But I resisted! I remembered my resolution, glanced over at Chris who was watching the whole process with delighted anticipation, and kindly explained the details of the promotion to he…